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I broke / lost one of my fins. Do you sell center fins or side fins separately?

We do not sell individual surfboard fins (except for SUP single fins as they come this way). You can buy our fins in a set of two, three or four, depending on your fin setup. However, sometimes we have separate fins in our warehouse which are part of incomplete sets. Simply contact us and we will check what we have available.

Which fin size is the best for me - small, medium or large?

Surfboard fins come in different sizes and shapes to suit your personal surfing style. For the most common thruster fin setup with three fins, you can choose between small, medium and large fins. Bigger fins equal more hold, as more surface area is in contact with the water. Smaller ones create a “looser” feel. If you are in between sizes, you should consider the type and size of waves and the board you will be surfing. We recommend the following sizes;


The fins do not fit into my surfboard

The process to build a surfboard is a craft and there are sometimes smaller tolerances between the different fin setups and surfboard shapes. This can occur for boards with separate FCS I plugs for each fin tab, since they are positioned in the surfboard using a template fin that could deviate from the standard. For FCS I Sana, Future or FCS II plugs this issue should not occur. If you find that your fin does not fit, you can of course return your fin and we would be happy to try and help find you something better for your board!

What is the difference between nylon, fiberglass and honeycomb fins?

The main difference (between the commonly used materials nylon and fiberglass) is the resulting flexibility or stiffness of the fin. Nylon fins are the most common found and are an affordable option for beginners or river surfing. We offer two types of nylon fins; super flex and moderate stiffness. Our super flex fins are very flexible and feel rubbery to the touch. They are extremely durable and are very unlikely to break or break your fin plug. The tradeoff for durability is that, as they are flexible, they offer less support. However, they perfectly suited for beginners and for making turns with a larger radius. Our modern stiffness fins (the surf essential line) will give you more response during turn. While stiffer fins in general are more likely to break, our fins are designed to break above the tab so not to destroy the fin plug. Fiberglass fins are made of fiberglass tissue filled with resin. They are stiffer than the nylon fins and give the opportunity for sharp cutbacks and speed generation. The fiberglass fins are bit heavier than nylon fins. Honeycomb fiberglass fins are a lightweight version of the fiberglass fins with a honeycomb core.

What different fin setups exist?

Single Fin | Thruster | Quad

When should I use surf wax?

Surf wax is used for getting a grip on the slippery surfboard surface. One bar usually coats a complete longboard with 10-12 ft. Depending on the water temperature different wax mixtures should be used: • Grip-Bee is the extra grippy cold water wax (58°F / 14°C and below). This wax is perfect for cold-water river and wake surfing. • Hana Hou is the tropical wax (70°F / 21°C and warmer). This wax can also be used as a base coat in cooler temp water.


Do you have a store where I can pick up products?

We currently do not have a store. However, if you are in Munich and do not want to wait for your order to be shipped, you are welcome to come to our warehouse with an appointment! Write to us to schedule a time!

Do you also have special offers for retailers or bulk orders?

Yes! If you are a surf club, shop / retailer or a group of friends who want to place a larger order simply write to us for more information on discounts or offers!

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